Can sports bets be made through a supporters club?


Who has never participated or at least heard of the Quinielas “peñas”?

For decades , bettors of this traditional game have the possibility of uniting resources and forces in groups, known as peñas, which aim to increase their chances of winning great prizes to later distribute them among their members.

For some strange reason, or whim of the regulatory body that controls and manages the gambling market in Spain, the possibility that users of bookmakers imitate this method and form clubs to participate in sports betting is not contemplated .

Neither users nor houses nor absolutely anyone knows exactly what is the real reason why this practice is not allowed, especially considering that it favors all interested parties. The houses would see their business volume increase and the users who so wanted could choose this way of playing. The state, for its part, would make more money through tax collection, so what prevents this seemingly perfect equation from developing?

It may be that the state, which for practical purposes is still the betting house that manages the Quiniela, the Primitiva or the Bonoloto, is afraid of a competition that would clearly offer greater advantages to users, since the commissions of gambling houses are ridiculous given the 45% that the state keeps from their game proceeds.

Let's compare the prize that a specific column of the Quiniela would generate for 14 games, against a combined one with the same signs in a bookmaker:

With this week's Quiniela, let's see what prize the column formed by all "1" would receive. To determine this data we will use that 15% of the collection goes to the 14 winners, and thanks to LAE we can know exactly the percentages bet on each sign. We also know that the estimated number of winners of 14 comes from multiplying the difficulty of the column by double the collection.

P = 0.15R / N

N = D * 2R

Where P is the prize that those 14 will receive.
R the collection
N the number of winners
D the difficulty

They come out € 17,166 .

Let's see now in a bookmaker such as Bwin , how much this combined that includes 14 local victories in these same matches would win:

There is a quota of 283,813 , we are quite clear what is more profitable. It is true that it would be necessary to include in the calculation that in the Quiniela minor prizes are charged with 13, 12, 11 or 10 hits, that the bet costs half, € 0.50 and that the prizes have already passed through the ranch, while in the betting houses you have to declare what you have won.

Both users and houses eagerly await this veto of sports betting groups or clubs. Hopefully soon we can enjoy our favorite passion together.

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