When the best bet is not to bet (When not to bet)

 All the websites talk about what to bet on, when to bet, how much to bet and others, but I think that knowing when to bet is just as important as when NOT to bet , and this is something that sometimes many do not know or forget, and end up gambling when they shouldn't.

Not long ago we talked about the 3 most common mistakes , and one of them was precisely a case in which we should not bet. Many times bets are unnecessarily made that should not be made, so it is important from time to time to read and remember when we should not bet .

For example, this is very basic and may even sound stupid, but many of us have found ourselves in the situation. For example, if you usually bet on the NBA, which is a market where there are several games every day, and you make at least one bet every night, it is not uncommon that one day when you don't see anything clear, you end up making a bet that you really wouldn't make. simply by routine. If there is nothing that convinces you for that game, for that day or even for that week, better not bet anything .

If you are feeling hot because you are in a bad streak, because you have just lost a bet in which you had a lot of money or you are simply with your head somewhere else and you are not where you are, it is better to allow a reasonable time to calm down or focus before making a crazy bet that you may regret.

Gambling with the heart is usually not good
 . Yes, okay, whoever has bet that the Spanish team won two Europeans and a World Cup in a row will now be golden, but in general and with few exceptions, betting on a team that you want to win but that you know is unlikely usually ends badly. .

Also in live betting, being guided by the names is sometimes not good , it is always advisable to see the event in question , and if it is not possible, at least follow it in some way through a website where the match is narrated or at unless you see any statistics. If in the absence of 20 minutes the favorite to win is losing it will have an interesting quota, yes, but if you do not know how he is playing, it is most likely that you are raffling the money.

As an acquaintance said, sometimes the best bet is not to bet .

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