6 tips to avoid fraud in online gambling


Due to the proliferation of online gambling and gaming portals in which there are cash gains involved, there are many people who want to make business out of this by opening illegal gambling pages , which is very controlled nowadays and there may be heavy penalties.

The remarkable growth of people who like to gamble from time to time has brought with it many opportunities for cybercriminals, something that governments as well as different entities are trying to curb. Reading the international press I have seen some recommendations from Blue Coat Systems , a security and computer solutions company, where they offer us a series of security measures that we must take into account to avoid falling into the trap of some unlicensed bookmaker .

Blue Coat Systems Safety Tips

From this entity they recommend that before making any kind of bet on a website that we do not know, we must make sure that it has the corresponding permissions , because otherwise we will be putting our money at risk and if we lose it we will have no way of get it back.

Another important point is to make sure that the site on which we want to bet has the relevant security protocols in terms of data encryption. In this way we can protect both our personal and financial information. A minimum acceptable security can be 128 bit SSL and much better if it is 256 bit, which will make it much more difficult for cyber criminals to access that encrypted information.

It must be remembered that both in Spain and anywhere in the world where online gambling is legal, they will not allow an unlicensed casino or betting house to use programs from any of the main software providers.

From Blue Coat Systems they also remind us that many casino pages tend to periodically publish a report on how much of the income is returned to the players in the form of profits, although for more security it is necessary to verify that the reports have been audited by a independent agency or consultant.

Nor should we break any law and ignorance of them does not exempt us from compliance, so it is advisable to know a little about the laws of the country where we want to bet.

And finally, they emphasize that if we are concerned that our children may have access to these kinds of sites, we can restrict their access using the parental control measures that are available on the Internet or even on some of the best casino websites.

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