Can you make a living from sports betting

 It is a very common topic of discussion among bettors of all levels, from those who have just started to those who have been getting an extra for years (or not), and it is that very few people can afford to make a living from sports betting and, That they do, they don't usually make it public

Can you make a living from this? Yes, but with many conditions.

You can always find people who after several months getting good results think that if a month now they are winning € 200 simply by multiplying by 10 everything they bet they would end up winning € 2000 a month and they would already have their lives solved, but the reality is very different .

To begin with, today and living in Spain with the current gambling regulation is almost impossible , since as you win money more or less constantly the bookmakers will limit you one by one until you will no longer have where to bet more than € 50, so you already have to be able to bet on the .com firsts , either because you live abroad, through someone or because every weekend you pay for a trip to London to bet there.

The bank is undoubtedly another of the great drawbacks, since in the first place it cannot be money that we are going to need to live or for anything else. It is an investment and as such it must be money only intended for this. The bank must consist of a "large" sum of money, and if you want to get a salary more or less regularly you must have a bank that allows us to bet amounts of at least four digits.

It is also important to bear in mind that if you want to make a living from it, it has to be a job , and as such you have to dedicate your hours continuously, studying, monitoring, etc.

If we go to mathematics, the answer to whether or not it can be very simple, even with the possible problems of limitations, Treasury and others, it all depends on your ability to forecast , and if you get practically everything right then there will be no problem.

If, as is logical, your percentage of correct answers is not close to perfection, living from gambling in Spain is something tremendously complex , because to the problems of the bookmakers must be added that you have to establish yourself as a freelancer and have to declare to the Treasury year after year all your earnings.

Today anyone who wants to make a living from sports betting or poker has either moved (many have gone to the United Kingdom) or bet through different systems or intermediaries in .com houses.

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