The importance of statistics in betting

 If you have read any of my last entries, you will see how I spoke to you far above the importance of statistics in sports betting . Today I want to expand a little more on this topic because I think that for those people who like football and want to start betting, it can help them.

For people who have a passion for soccer and know the teams well, this knowledge base will come in handy as they arguably play with an advantage when placing their bets.

In betting, information is power

We all know that betting on the result of a match without taking into account the evolution of a team, whether the permanence in the category or any other notable situation is being played, is quite risky.

But if, on the other hand, we know that one of the two teams comes from a streak of several wins, but is still close to the relegation zone, and faces another that is in the comfortable zone of the classification, you can put it on difficult on the contrary.

Personally, I start from the assumption that all teams go out to win, regardless of whether they are the last or the first in the classification, what I do is look at many details such as:

  • Team evolution (winning streak, draws and losses)
  • Physical state of the players (the mood is also important)
  • If the team plays two games during the week (Champions / Europa League / friendly and league)
  • Player injuries or casualties.
  • Goal trend of the forwards in the last games.
  • Record of goals conceded.
  • Winning or losing trend at home and at home.
  • If they fight for European places, to avoid relegation or are in the middle of the table.

Those are just some aspects that I always try to take into account when making a bet on football, although it can be extrapolated to other sportsObviously it is not an infallible system, far from it, and surely there will be other people who gather much more statistical information, but as a basis to start in football betting it is enough.

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