Curiosities about online gambling and betting


Taking a look at some of the international betting and gaming websites I have prepared a small compendium of some curiosities of the game and quite curious bets , such as the fact that if we search for the word poker in Google, the search engine returns more than 480 millions of links .

Regarding the billing of the game, hundreds of billions of euros are billed per year , changing the economy of many countries, generating a huge number of jobs and contributing to the growth of GDP and becoming one of the economic pillars of many from them.

We cannot forget about illegal gambling and if we look at some related data, the largest operation against gambling fraud ended with more than 5,000 people arrested in Asia in the same month. Another related fact is that currently more profits are generated in illegal gambling than in the international drug trade itself

Record numbers in the game

During the celebration of the Beijing Olympic Games, some 900 million euros were generated during the two weeks that the games lasted, a truly brutal figure, but which was surpassed by the bets for the match between FC: Barcelona and Manchester, exceeding that figure, which is expected to be exceeded with the celebration of the final of the next Euro 2016 or the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro to be held this year.

To end this short tour of curiosities about gambling and betting, I am going to do it by commenting on the second largest casino in the world, The Venetian in Macau. It is owned by Sheldon Adelson and receives about 80,000 people per day , more people than Morocco.

Another important fact about this casino is the great security it has. In addition to their security and surveillance system, they also apply their rules even in decks, where each deck is only used once. Every day 1.1 million cards are destroyed and replaced by the same number.

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