Do you like motor sports betting Read our guide on F1 betting and make the most of your money while enjoying your favorite sport. We will show you from where to bet to how to do it.

History of Formula 1

Formula 1 is a very popular sport among sports betting users. Its popularity is due to the fact that, like the NBA or the Super Bowl, Formula 1 has transcended the sport, to become a spectacle.

In Spain, Formula 1 began to be followed in a massive way thanks to the pilot Fernando Alonso. With his victories many fans jumped on the bandwagon and discovered a sport that they now follow with great interest.

However, Formula 1 knows that it cannot stop reinventing itself if it wants to maintain the interest of the public.

Nowadays, TV broadcasts are spectacular with cameras placed on the racing cars and microphones that, on occasions, let you know what the teams are talking about with the driver.

The beginnings of Formula 1

Man is a being who has always been attracted to competitiveness. With the antecedent of horse racing, Formula 1 was simply a natural step back in the s. XIX when the first cars appeared.

If we want to go back a little further, we can go back to 1884 in France, where what was originally going to be a simple car race was held, but due to its popularity, it was the first of many.

In the next 50 years, car racing only increased, becoming more widespread as a sport around the 1930s. XX.

In the following decade, the International Automobile Federation was created, and three years after its creation, in 1950, they held the first world motorsport championship, in what was the seed that would make Formula 1 grow.

The last decades in Formula 1

In the late 1980s, the FIA ​​instituted the seven grand prix that would originally make up the World Motor Racing Championship.

To this, he was joined by the appearance of one of the great myths of the sport of four wheels, such as Ayrton Senna.

Similar to Senna's appearance on the international scene, it was Alonso's in the case of Spanish fans.

A brave, aggressive driver who made excellent overtaking starts and put on a great show.

If to that we add that Alonso was able to beat the, until now, invincible Michael Schumacher, Spain had everything they needed to make fans.

More recently, the most prominent drivers have been Nico Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton

In 2005, an acquaintance of Formula 1 entered the scene for the Spanish public:

Fernando Alonso. Relieves the great Schumacher by winning the title; his victory makes him the youngest driver to win a world championship.

From there, Formula 1 begins its golden age in Spain. This has lasted until today, when drivers like Nico Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton dominate the competition. Formula 1 bets have not waned in popularity either, rather they have increased.

How to make Formula 1 bets

When it comes to placing bets, whatever the sport, it is important to first inform yourself about the types of bets available.

Users who limit themselves to betting on the most obvious, have it much more difficult because they are bets that usually have very tight odds.

Another important issue is to spend the time necessary to find out about Formula 1. To bet, the important thing is not so much the breaking news, which is often more gossip about the drivers than real news, but the variants of the regulations, the characteristics of the next circuit, the history of the driver and the team in that circuit, etc.

Therefore, do not get carried away by what you think is a psychological analysis of the pilot. An argument with your manager is not going to make you more or less motivated. When the time comes to compete, everyone wants to win and Formula 1 is too technical to depend on gossip.

F1 predictions

Formula 1 predictions have their difficulty. The problem is that there are many options and only one will be a winner. On the other hand, having more options also offers a greater number of possibilities to execute a winning betting strategy.

When making your Formula 1 predictions, it is important to bear in mind that you will not always be able to get it right. Therefore, you need a strategy that is winning in the long term and supports the losing streaks that may come.

To do this, you have to know how to take advantage of factors that influence the results such as penalties, technical problems and even time.

Of course, another factor that you should always take into account is the pre-race training. In them, the positions in which the pilots will start are decided.

This, together with the circuit configuration, can make a difference. It is well known that in Monaco, for example, it is very difficult to overtake.

However, on other circuits it is much more likely that the positions of the drivers will vary significantly from practice to race. Therefore, do not stop doing your analysis and consult histories, your results will appreciate it.

F1 betting: strategies

With betting the objective is to win in the long term, for which, you have to try to find a positive mathematical hope. This means that the odds only matter in relation to the probability of the bet being a winner.

Therefore, betting on favorites is often unprofitable. They pay little and with a single mistake, you need many hits to return to positive figures.

As we said before, it is also very important to take time into account. The rain can drastically change the strategies of the teams and can be your best ally to win with Formula 1 bets.


Trading in Formula 1 betting consists of betting at very high odds on an underdog. If you are lucky enough that this starts well and as the race progresses your chances of winning increase, your quota will go down but that of the other drivers will go up.

When this happens, you can bet on the other drivers who now have high odds so that in total you always end up winning money whoever wins among the favorites.

Of course, if there is a huge surprise, a driver you didn't bet on could win, but you shouldn't expect to bet this way.

F1 betting: markets

F1 bets do not have the same diversity as football or basketball, but they do offer enough variations that there are always possibilities to bet with value. Some of the most common F1 betting modalities are:

  • Driver XXX will retire from the race.
  • Driver XXX will make the fastest lap.
  • Driver XXX will lead the race for the longest time.

And of course, the pilots who will make up the podium or simply bet on the winner of the race.

It is important that when you analyze the markets, you do not get carried away by mere intuitions.

Try to find out about the driver, the team, know how things are and keep up to date with what happens in Formula 1. But we insist, consider only the relevant information for Formula 1 bets and obvious news related to girlfriends, parties and other complementary matters of the real competition.

Over time, you will gain in experience with Formula 1 betting and it will be easier for you to find value bets that will win you. Be sure to take a look at live betting.

They are a very good tool to manage the risk of anticipated bets that you have already made and also to place bets to win in the same way as in anticipated ones.

Beware of the finishing positions in the race

In Formula 1 it is common for what happens on the circuit to change in the offices. Sanctions are our bread and butter and you should always leave room for uncertainty. As safe as it sounds, if it depends on Formula 1, it won't be.

Don't just trust the quality of the riders. While it is important, the team's mechanical equipment is even more so. Take into account everything you know about pit entrances, the times those entrances will require depending on whether the strategy involves a tire change… everything.

If you don't have much of an idea of ​​mechanics, there is one factor that doesn't usually lie: money. The higher the budget, the more capacity the team has to improve the mechanics of the vehicle.

Keep in mind that a winner is the combination of mechanics plus pilot, one of those factors alone will not be enough to win in such a tough competition.

Formula 1 odds: what to look for

The Formula 1 odds are the most important external factor, which does not depend on you, so that you can get something clear from the F 1 bets. Therefore, the best advice we can give you is to open an account in several bookmakers of So before making your prediction, check which house has the highest odds and place a bet on it.

You must learn to manage your money, which means that the more value a bet has, the more you must bet on it, but never exceeding your maximum bet.

The way to calculate your maximum bet may be to divide your betting budget by the number of bets in a row that you think you could lose on a losing streak. Some experts say that twenty may be a good number.

Once you know your maximum bet, keep in mind that it is not necessary that you always reach that limit. In many cases, your F1 bets will need to be smaller.

What is essential is that you understand that you cannot bet the same on a driver who pays 2 to 1 and that according to your estimates has a 60% chance of winning the race than for another who pays 3 to 1 but according to your estimates you only have a 20% chance of victory.

Formula 1 odds and the best bookmakers

At this point, we assume that you have already reached the conclusion that even more important than the welcome bonus are the house fees.

But even with the best house, it is a good idea to have two or three more houses as secondaries to compare.

You never have to lose perspective and that is only given by comparison.

Some of the best bookmakers to place F1 bets are in our opinion:

  • Sportium F1
    As a bookmaker, Sportium stands out for its promotions and we are not talking only about the welcome bonus, but about the recurring promotions. That is precisely what we are looking for, long-term value and not just a temporary promotion that is an oasis. Of course, in terms of fees, Sportium is not the most prominent.
  • Betfair F1
    Betfair offers decent odds and has the added appeal of exchange betting. Unfortunately in the latter there is usually no Formula 1 market and they are limited to soccer and basketball. In any case, a good house.
  • Bwin F1
    Bwin is one of the best bookmakers overall and their F1 odds are quite generous. In our opinion, if you are going to start making bets, it is one of the houses that are a good option to open an account.
  • bet365 F1
    Together with bwin, we also consider it one of the best houses, especially for someone who wants to start in this world.
  • Luckia F1
    Luckia does not have quotas as high as the previous two, but in return it is a house more adapted to the tastes of the Spanish. We don't think it's going to be your main bookmaker, but as a complement, it's not bad.
  • MarcaApuestas F1
    Another house that we like a lot. It is younger than the previous ones, but its offer is practically at the level of bwin and betfair. This, together with its good adaptation to Spanish taste as it is a country house, makes it highly recommended.

Where to watch Formula 1 online

There is no doubt that the best option to watch Formula 1 is Movistar +. Thanks to it you can see Formula 1 live with 4K UHD resolution. The bad news is that it will not be enough to contract the basic package, you will have to add the Engine package to your subscription.

If you want to bet based on what you see, this is your only option. If you choose to watch Formula 1 online, you must bear in mind that streaming ALWAYS takes several seconds late. This can make you make mistakes that cost you dearly because the F1 odds will be updated to the second.

In exchange for payment, you will get a better quality image and excellent coverage of the competition that will help keep you informed at all times.

That said, for most F1 betting users it would obviously be better if F1 was accessible for free through one of the non-paid channels. At the moment, it is what there is and you have to adapt.

Formula 1 live for free

Watching Formula 1 live for free can be useful if you want to enjoy the race. However, if you want to place F1 bets, streaming lag, possible cuts and poor image quality can cause mistakes.

If you want to place F1 bets live and direct make sure you follow the event without any delay.

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