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Sports betting has become a popular pastime for sports worldwide. There are many perks attached to this form of gambling. For example, it offers punters an opportunity to earn more money from gameplay. As a result, gamblers with experience and a good understanding of sports can generate extra by betting on a wide range of sporting events.

As a result of technological advancements, sports bettors now have access to a myriad of information to improve their chances of correctly predicting the outcome of sporting events. The internet certainly plays a major role in helping punters develop systems for effectively predicting outcomes to different sporting events.

For example, access to the internet today allows us to see how any sports team or player is doing statistically. In the past, gamblers only received information from their bookmakers. All other decisions they made were based on gut feelings and emotions.

Adopting cryptocurrencies into sports betting is another positive development for the online gambling industry. The new technology has enabled many sports gambling platforms to offer their clients faster payment methods and anonymous gambling services. With these new features, punters can now enjoy BTC betting, ETH gambling, and other crypto gambling options within the gambling space.

This article aims to explain how to become a better sports bettor. Additionally, this article will discuss some of the best sports you can find on ETH gambling websites.

So let’s get started!


Football is one of the most popular sports for betting and winning money, even though it is a sport that causes millions of losses to punters around the world. Unlike many other sports betting options, this sport offers bettors an 80% chance that they will accurately predict the outcome of a game correctly. 

Additionally, it offers many bet types and offers numerous ways for gamblers to earn more money.  Another advantage of football is that it offers punters different events across different parts of the world. As a result, bettors can bet football leagues in England, Germany, France, Spain, to name a few. There are also opportunities to bet on international football events like the Uefa Champions League, World Cup, Uefa Nations League, African Nations Cup, to name a few.

The number of games you can bet on is a major disadvantage of football betting. Thousands of matches are available for bettors to choose from. The sheer number of options can be confusing for new bettors.

It is possible to see the stats of all leagues and teams and their wins, losses, and mutual stakes when gambling online. Some of the Favourite football teams that you can bet on include Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, and Machester City. Punters will find can take advantage of bet types like Both Teams To Score, First Team To Score, and Double Chance gambling to win when betting on their preferred ETH gambling site.


This is another popular sport that is available in the game selection of many ETH gambling websites. As with football, basketball betting isn't too complicated, and punters can easily choose the winners with little knowledge of the game.

In terms of basketball betting, some of the easiest leagues to wager on and win are the NBA,  Euroleague, ABA League, FIBA, ACB League, etc. There aren't many options in terms of live gambling, but if you choose to bet on the full-time option, then the chances of a draw are slim. Therefore gamblers need to bet on the host or the guest winning the match. Generally, the favourite basketball teams have odds ranging from 1.20 to 2.20.


There are always sports betting options on tennis in most ETH gambling websites. However, the betting odds on the game are usually low compared to other sports betting options.

There are several advantages of gambling on this popular sport. Some of these perks include Live coverage of matches and expert analysis of games offering gamblers more information on how to place their bets. Punters will find can take advantage of bet types like Handicap gambling, First Set Winner, and Total Games gambling to win during popular tennis tournaments.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is a popular sports gambling option that offers excellent odds to punters. One of the most notable promotions is the best odds guaranteed offer, which offers great odds on horse races and provides a strategic advantage to players.

There are several advantages on offer for Horse racing fans. Some of these benefits include a wide range of great markets to pick and bet on. Live streaming of races to enable gamblers to observe and bet on their favourite horses and. Special promotions are designed to offer punters higher chances of landing wins. 

However, punters must carry out intensive research to make smart bets to stand a chance of winning. Notable bet options available include the To Win bet type, To Place bet type, and Forecast Bet type. In a forecast bet, bettors can predict the exact order in which both horses will finish.

Some other sports options available in the game section of most ETH gambling websites include Cricket, Boxing, Rugby, MMA and UFC. Now let us explore some tips for becoming a successful sports bettor.

How To Become A Succesful Sports Bettor

You can become a successful sports bettor by follow all of the tips listed below. These tips have been used by many successful sports bettors to great effect.

Review The Stats

Always make informed decisions when gambling. One way to achieve this is by checking the stats of teams and players who want to bet on.

Systems And Strategies Cannot Be Guaranteed

Although it is important to develop gambling strategies, bettors should always remember that these strategies are not 100% secure. Therefore when suffering huge losses, bettors should always take gambling breaks. 

Compare the odds on different gambling sites

Always compare the gambling odds on several betting platforms before selecting which platform to bet on. This will help gamblers make use of gambling platforms that offer the best to their users.

Do not place bets under influence of alcohol and drugs

Gamblers must avoid making uniformed gambling decisions. As a result, placing bets when you are under the influence of drugs or alchol to prevent a loss of funds.

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