The Simplest Way to Win at Online Poker

There are dozens of ways to improve at poker and give yourself the best shot at becoming a regular winner. But there is one simple and effective way that trumps most other tips and that’s playing against bad players.

The next question inevitably is “how do I find weaker players?”. Finding weaker players is dependent on two things detailed below. 

Soft Poker Sites

All the online poker sites are different and appeal to different types of players. For instance, if you play on a major poker site like PokerStars, you will get great traffic but also loads of pros. Conversely playing on a sports betting site that offers poker is likely to have many crossover players who are inexperienced. Playing on the softest poker sites will surely help you win. 

Finding the easier sites isn’t very difficult. All you need to do is spend some time reading reviews and you’ll quickly realise which sites are tough and which are easy. Most professional reviews will have a section dedicated to “competition”. 

Stick to Micro/Low Stakes

One of the big reasons losing players struggle is they play stakes they shouldn’t be in. Like it or lump it the tougher players move up stakes and are generally found at in NL $200 and up. This means unless you are an expert you should be playing lower than them. Firstly, to avoid them. Secondly, because the fishier players are more in abundance at the micro stake’s games. This is where you can generate a good poker win rate if you multi table effectively.

The 6 max games are generally better as you’ll find looser and juicier games. The full ring games are a cagier with nittier players. Furthermore, you need to play very solidly to win in these games as 9 handed games have stronger hands dealt regularly.


By playing on the softer poker sites and sticking to the lower buy-in games you can record better results and earn more. As you gain experience and sharpen your skills you will slowly be able to move up stakes and beat the regs. Until then, use the tips in this article and other poker tips articles here and you should hopefully do well in the future. 

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