Useful Guide to Blackjack

 Surely on many occasions you have wondered how to play Blackjack , that popular card game that you can find in most casinos in Mexico and on all online casino pages . Well now you will have the possibility to learn more about this popular game through the information we provide below. This is so for a simple reason: its rules and strategies are certainly easy to understand, as well as being a game in which the emotion is guaranteed until the end of each hand.


This casino game is usually played with six or eight decks and the objective is to defeat the dealer by obtaining a count as close as possible to 21, but without going over, which would mean that the owner of said cards has lost. We should start by saying that each card is worth its face value, the face cards count 10, while the AS can be used with a value of 1 or 11, depending on your interest.

Once the players have placed their bets, the dealer will deal the cards. Each bettor receives two cards, always face up and the dealer himself will also deal his cards, but with only one of them face up. If any user is dealt a Blackjack (21) with the first two cards, they will have won the hand. Of course, as long as the dealer does not get the same hand.


The game begins with the player sitting at the right end of the table (real or virtual). After the first 2 cards are dealt and the amount checked, the bettor must decide whether to ask for an extra card (hit) or stand (stand).

In the case of requesting a new letter, the value of the same will be added to the two that you already had. For example: if your first two cards were 6 + 8 and now a 5 appears, the total sum of your hand will be 19, so it would be advisable not to ask for more cards. If, on the other hand, the player has a good hand, such as an AS and a 9, which would add up to 20, it would not make sense to ask for more cards, since what would probably happen is that he went over 21.

If you receive two equal cards from the start, you will have the option to divide them and double the bet. This usually happens when a player receives two aces and allows him to ‘play two hands’ for the price of one, increasing the probability of winning.


After each player’s turn, the dealer will turn his card face down. If the dealer’s total points are 17 or higher, he will have to stand and, if he has 16 or less, he will have to add a new card.

As with the players, if the total of the sum of their cards exceeds 21, the dealer will have lost and the players win. If the dealer’s total points are between 17-21 and any player who has achieved the same amount, the hand will be tied and said player will recover the money wagered.

Another important point to know is that when the dealer’s face-up card is an AS, players can choose to request an ‘insurance’ for their original bet. Any user can choose to use this game option, which will allow the bettor to recover part of their initial bet.

Otherwise, there are two possible options. The first, that the player’s hand is superior to that of the dealer, which would make him lose the insurance obtaining the expected profits. The second is that the hand is lower than the dealer’s and the player loses his insurance and his initial bet. It must be understood that insurance does not always benefit the player, so it is preferable to avoid this option normally.


To conclude with this introductory guide to blackjack , we must point out that the basic strategy of the game says that players should stand when they get the sum of their cards to add up to 17.

It may even be interesting to stand with a lower number, like 16, it all depends on the card the dealer has taught. If the dealer shows a small card i.e. 5-6 or less, it is better to stand with any hand higher than 12-13. Otherwise you should always ask since it is very likely that the dealer will exceed this number.

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